Car Wrap Miami Exotic Color Change & Paint Protection Film

Who would’ve thought that what was once a way to make ugly plumbing trucks looked pretty would have become what it is today? Vehicle wrapping is not only here to stay but likely to replace automotive car finishes in the very near future. Thanks to huge advances in not only vinyl compounds and films but also adhesives, 3M car wrapping is not only possible but better than ever! What is even more amazing is that in many cases, when the vehicle wrap has properly been applied and care for, it can be removed to return the vehicle back to its original state without any traces of it ever being wrapped! In the past, we have wrapped entire fleets of many commercial leased vehicles that remained in their originals state years after doing the work. In some cases, the paint finish was so pristine that it appeared as if the vehicle had just left the showroom.

Choosing the Right Vehicle Wrap

There are many variances in the vehicle wrapping industry with more than ninety percent of the industry still focused on commercial vehicles like food trucks and other branded vehicles. Although we also do that! At Pro Auto Sound we are focused on the ten percent of the market no one wants to deal with, and that is the custom wrapping. Yes, you can now pimp your ride at a fraction of the cost of a custom paint job without having to worry about its resale value.

What this means is that you can get that custom matte PPG finish, made famous by BMW and other high-end manufacturers on your Honda Civic without mortgaging the house! That also means that you can get your Lamborghini Huracan to look the same as Justin Bieber’s Chrome Fiskerand also at a fraction of the cost! If you have a look in mind for your car, truck, SUV, bike or boat come and see us. As with everything we do, you know we’ll do everything in our power to not only deliver on your dream but also your budget!