Custom Car Interiors & Upholstery in Miami

Many can guys, and even commuters will agree when we say that our cars are like our second home. As civilization evolves, the amount of time we expend in our vehicles has increased exponentially. Whether your vehicle is factory equipped with leather or fabric, it is likely that sooner or later it is going to start showing signs of wear and tear! There is also the case where perhaps you chose to buy a second-hand vehicle, or maybe a classic that needs upholstery work.

Our custom car upholstery team can help you in many ways.  These include upholstery repairs, headliner repairs, custom upholstery, upholstery restoration, boat upholstery, upholstery replacements, door panel and dashboard restoration, repairing and replacing convertible tops and a whole lot more. What started as a department intended to be a resource for our custom fabrication work has turned into a full-time service catering to car lovers who want nothing but the best. They also understand the value of something that is handmade and custom designed for them.

Custom Car Upholstery That is Affordable!

Imagine your car, truck or USV with a luxurious, premium leather interior. Many people who buy a new vehicle are prone to sticker shock once they find how much the leather upgrade is at the dealer! Many who say, “the hell with it” and pay, do not know that you can easily upgrade your cloth seats for a fraction of what car dealerships charge. Maybe you wanted an accent piece or branded headrest? When you choose to buy a leather interior from the dealer, you are stuck with the way it comes. With Pro Auto Sound’s Custom Car Upholstery service we can help you make whatever you dream, a reality. We can add luxury, comfort, and style to your vehicle at an affordable price. And by the way, it doesn’t have to be just leather! Today there are many options when it comes to Custom Car Upholstery. These option run from microfiber to old-school low-rider style velvet and even tweed. Going custom opens the door to a lot of possibilities; just keep in mind that although we are a custom car stereo shop when it comes to Custom Car Upholstery, we can deliver!