Miami’s Car Stereo, Auto Alarm, and Window Tinting Experts!

Welcome to Pro Auto Sound of Miami where we make you fall in love with your car all over again. When it comes to fashion, we are free to choose what clothes we wear, what brands, and what styles. However, when it comes to your vehicle, more often than not, we have to settle with what we can afford and or what’s available from the dealer or manufacturer. With that said this does not mean you have to settle for average; thanks to the aftermarket industry, we are now able to make our vehicles “ours” by choosing from the broad range of aftermarket accessories. For over 35 years the Pro Auto Sound team has helped car enthusiasts upgrade and customize their car audio system and protect their vehicle with the latest in auto security. Add style and comfort for with the best car window tinting money can buy. We also offer more advanced customizing options such as custom upholstery, vehicle wrapping, Lamborghini style doors, among other accessories. When it comes to customizing your vehicle in South Florida, you have a choice; you can visit your local car stereo store, window tinting shop, mobile car alarm guy, or you can come to Florida’s Pro Auto Sound.

Car Audio

We are the first ones to admit that today’s car audio systems are much better than they were just five years ago. However, despite the success and improvement in technology, many, if not all car stereo systems fail to meet the benchmark for many music lovers. That is because all car audio design engineers are pursuing audiophile standards while ignoring the majority of the population. Whether you’re looking to upgrade your factory radio, install a custom car audio system or looking to compete in car audio or SPL competitions, we can help you!

Car Alarms

If you are looking for Car Alarm Installation in Miami, Pro Auto Sound should be your destination. We offer a wide range of auto security systems and brands capable of satisfying any budget and technical sophistication. Aside from the most popular names like Viper, Clifford, Avital, Prestige, CodeAlarm, and Auto Page we also carry tracking and APP base security systems like SmartStart. Car Alarm work otherwise insurance companies would not endorse them! However, not all car alarms are created equal and not all car alarm installation shops are the same!

Car Video

The popularity of in-car entertainment systems such as satellite TV, video games and or just plain DVD or Blu-ray has grown so much, that car manufacturers such as Cadillac, Chevrolet, GMC, Ford, Infinity, Lexus, Audi and even Toyota are now offering some form of in-car entertainment option. However, these can be quite expensive and limited in features. At Pro Auto Sound we have the experience and expertise to make your in-car entertainment and mobile video system exactly what you expect it to be. From DirecTV to x-Box, we got you covered.

Window Tinting

Whether you believe in global warming or not, no one can deny how hot vehicles get under the direct sunlight of the South Florida sun. Although cars nowadays are substantially better build than even just five or six years ago consistent exposure to temperatures ranging from 140 to 160 degrees will eventually destroy your vehicle’s interior. By window tinting your car, truck or SUV you not only protect its interior, but you also protect yourself from direct exposure to UV rays while driving or sitting in the congested South Florida traffic.

Lambo Doors

Made popular by the maker of the supercar of all supercars, Lamborghini, Lambo doors refer to vehicles that are equipt with doors that open upward rather than out away from the vehicle as nearly all vehicles do. Made famous by the Lamborghini Countach back in 1974, these type of doors have become synonymous with supercars and exotic vehicles to the point that Maclaren, BMW, and other exotic car manufacturers have cloned them. Today, you can have Lambo Doors on just about any vehicle. As the premier dealer for Vertical Doors, Pro Auto Sound, has the experience and expertise to install this rather complex type of doors.

Car Wrapping

What was once a common practice in the branding of commercial vehicles has grown, thanks in part to 3M, to one of the most desirable custom car mods in the marketplace today! Car wrapping has made airbrush paint jobs absolute and little by little it is starting to make high paint jobs absolute as well. That is because car wrapping is no longer about splashing custom printed branding onto a vehicle. With the latest in car wrapping materials, you can achieve finishes like chrome, reflective gold, carbon fiber and the ever so illusive PPG map finish. If you are not happy with your car’s paint job and looking for the ultimate in custom personalization, don’t paint it! …wrap it!

Car Accessories

A lot of people are of the mindset that what make your car, truck or SUV your is wheels, car stereo, and huge expensive modification. That trust is that small details, and car accessories score more points are local car show than radical paint jobs and body modification. At Pro Auto Sound we would like to help you make your car as personal as you always wanted with a huge array of accessories ranging from lightbars, fog or driving light to HID / LED and or body kits. If you are looking for custom accessories, you can’t find at any local auto parts; please come to see us at Pro Auto Sound!

Custom Upholstery

Whether you are building or restoring a hot rod, taking your custom tuner to another level and or show car upholstery is probably an integral part of your goal. Custom upholstery plays a huge role in our ability to deliver a true custom interior, sound system, and or show car. From simple headrest mods to custom seats, carpeting and headlines to real leather with custom stitching at Pro Auto Sound we have you covered when it comes to custom upholstery. Give us a call today or stop by for a FREE no obligation consultation and to see the range of materials we offer.

Marine Audio

Since the days of the colonies, South Florida has been associated with boating, fishing, and fun in the water! This reputation is still alive today. With almost 13 million boats registered in Florida, it may seem like everyone owns one. Although that is not the case, those who do, have one thing in mind! To have fun! At Pro Auto Sound we have been installing LED lighting, Lightbars, and custom sound system in boats, jet skis, and watercraft for years. When it comes to having music in your marine craft of choice, you are no longer restricted to entry-level Jensen marine radios and white speakers. Modern Marine audio sound systems consist of MP3 players, Subwoofers, 2-way marine speakers and more. Looking for Marine Audio in Miami?…give us a call today!