Car Accessories at Pro Auto Sound of Miami

Car accessory is a big word that covers a broad spectrum of products. At Pro Auto Sound of Miami, it means anything and everything to help you make your car, truck, boat or SUV “yours”. From HID lights and LED lights to adding power lock or power window to a car that came without it. Not everyone can afford to buy a new car every so often, and sometimes used cars don’t come with all the toys you had in mind! Even if you do get a new car more often than not, the right deal means giving something up that you really wanted. At Pro Auto Sound of Miami, we are going to fix that with an array of car accessories to help your vehicle look, drive, feel and sound just the way you always wanted it!

LED Lights for Cars

If you drive a lot at night, it is likely you will be replacing light bulbs quite often! There are now available a wide selection of LED lights for cars as replacement bulb that instead of lasting 2k hours they last more than 20k hours. We also carry of wide selection of underbody and accent LED light for everything from lighting up a subwoofer box to an amp rack!

HID Lights

More often, than not consider kids play HID light is a huge safety upgrade. High-intensity discharge lamps or (HID lamps) are as much as 200% brighter than factory headlights and cover a wider spectrum of light allowing you to see further and with more detail the road ahead! Pro Auto Sound is your Miami HID Light specialist.

Train Horns for Cars and Trucks

Although not legal for street use, 130+ DB train horns have become very popular for show vehicles, dually and other recreational vehicles. At Pro Auto Sound we sell, install and service many types of train horns on car, trucks, SUVs, Motorhomes, Eighteen-wheelers, boats and just about anything with a 12-volt power supply!

Corvette and Camaro Body Kits

As a Vertical Doors dealer, Pro Auto Sound also carries the company’s range of body kits for many domestic and imported vehicles. Out of this selection the California Super Coupe kits for late model Chevrolet Corvette, including ZR1 and ZO6, are the most popular. New body kits for late model Camaro including the new Z28 are now available. These are special order kits made to fit each body type. For more details stop by our shop or give us a call.